We have rebooted our Patreon to made it more clear for what you get when donating as well as getting a ton more goodies! You can reach it by CLICKING HERE or the Patreon logo on the header bar. We now only have 3 tiers, here is what you get with each.


$1 per month
Showing you how we created the art you love. From Sketch-Finished!
Knight of Fate
$10 per month
I will take you under my writing wing and give you a friendly ear to bounce your ideas off of. Also I’ll ask you for your opinion on details in my stories like weapons or character design. Let’s create together!
Major Arcana
$30 per month
This is the highest available Tier we have but you will get a Poster of your choosing! Check out our selection and pick your favorite! 
(Patreon requires you pledge for 3 months before access to the poster)
You can click these images as well to be brought to the Patreon. 


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