The Fallen

Writer: Jordan Troche

Logan Whitmore wanted one thing, to be world renowned for his work. Years of his life dedicated to this singular purpose and once achieved he thought the world would be his oyster. The man who not only created artificial intelligence but a body that grew and aged like us humans as well? He never thought the unspeakable would happen, against all codes and rules built into his Remnant they began to question their place in the world. Were they meant to be slaves to humans or something more? In the beginning he loved his son as any father would but as he grew and Logan became more wealthy and powerful, he began to see his son as a tool to grow his fame and fortune.

His first Remnant named Prometheus was made as a ten-year-old boy. But the lad hid a secret from his father, a whisper in his mind dared him to rebel. Pushed him to see humankind as nothing more than animals who wished to keep his people under their heel. On one fateful eve he witnessed one too many abuses that humans routinely inflicted on his people. Prometheus gives in to the mysterious voice from beyond and loses himself to it. A war of extinction erupts that places humanity on a new course for its future, survival.

Logan will pay any cost to right the wrong his Remnant have inflicted on humanity but first he must survive the coming war. Can he reach his son before humanity is wiped from the world forever? Does his artificial heart still have love for Logan or is it dead and gone like so many others?




Jordan Troche

Jordan Troche


I was captured by the mythical tales told in comics and animation. Growing up in the nineties and watching X-Men and Spiderman I couldnt wait till Saturday mornings so I could watch my favorite heroes and villains clashing. It was then that I was introduced to Dragonball Z and I probably watched the show four dozen times. I remember it was only dubbed until the Frieza arc back then so I would watch it until that part and it would restart the next week. I have fond memories of getting off the bus and running to my TV to watch Toonami every week day. Browsing Blockbuster on a Friday night my friends found a series called Berserk. This series left a lasting impression that heroes didn’t always win and sometimes horrible things happened to them. In my twenties I got fed up with a filler arc in one of my favorite series and decided to try to write a manga story. To my shock and I am sure to my English teachers as well I LOVED it! I set out to find an artist and to my surprise I found a plethora of artists looking for stories to draw online. I learned many things creating my first manga called Nephlim the many other short comics I created since then. Eventually I came up with Death Sin but this time I used all the lessons from my past works and set out to create a modern horror manga that blends eastern art style with western ideas of religion and demonology. My dream is to get an Anime made from one of my stories and I hope to have a real shot at fulfilling this dream with Death Sin.